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Old grinding wheel machine turned dust environmental protection
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                        Old grinding wheel machine turned dust environmental protection
The old grinding wheel machine is also called the traditional sand wheel machine, which is the common table type grinding wheel machine.
With the improvement of living standards, demand for environmental protection grinder are also gradually improve, because the traditional vertical bench grinder, grinding machine will produce a lot of dust in the grinding, operators in grinding unavoidably inhaled not only affects the mood, and the operator will directly affect their health, so these the old grinding machine has been unable to meet their demands for environmental protection, some are not old or old grinding machine grinding machine has been unable to use the user, you can directly select a dust removing grinder (Environmental grinder), but many large factories, units and private enterprises have to have this kind of old-fashioned grinding wheel machine, they can also be normal use, if all do not change into the dust removing grinder (Environmental grinder), will be a waste of resources, so how to make every old sand Is the engine of its own value at the same time it can also be environmentally friendly dust it? It needs to be turned into the old grinding machine dedusting grinder, referred to as the transformation of the old grinder.

Hangzhou West Lake grinding wheel factory to teach you a few tips can be refurbished existing grinder.
Want to smooth the old sand turbine into environmental dust, the total of these old sand turbine improvement, there are three options for the choice:
1: you can add a dust bag, the bag inside a dust removal device, and then use the dust hose to connect the old grinding wheel machine with the dust bag, you can achieve the effect of dust environmental protection.

2: the installation of economical portable portable dust collector, which has the advantages of small volume, easy to move, large filter area and high accuracy, so it is favored by many small and medium enterprises.


3: the best method or retrofitting precipitator, because of dust collector with energy-saving type fan and with strong suction, large air quantity, dust removal effect is remarkable, low noise advantages, this scheme has higher configuration but due to high cost, so for the reference of high-end users. (below)

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