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Frequency conversion vacuum polishing machine
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Item No. 229
The dust - removal - type polishing machine for West Lake Hangzhou sand - turbine factory is a combination of a type of machine, the body has a reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, small floor space and convenient use.
The product features are mainly composed of a polishing machine and a compact vacuum cleaner. Built in pre - vacuum (spark deposition device) and overload protector, eliminate fire hazard. Internal shock absorber, keep equipment low noise operation. Compact type dust shield, operation efficiency and safety equipment cleaning.
In line with the national labor and personnel department and the Ministry of environmental health safety regulations, vacuum cleaner effect is good, can improve the working environment, so that the operator from dust.
Working principle: when the device starts up, polishing machine, and a dust collector to start at the same time, dust particles produced by grinding the workpiece in the wind machine negative pressure effect into the settling chamber, large particles, particles of dust dropped in ash drawer deposition, fine dust with the air enter the filtering chamber, when through the filter bag dust attached to the surface of the bag. After purification, the gas passes through the fan inflow of clean room, after silencing discharged into the atmosphere. When used for a period of time, dust in the wind significantly smaller, with rapping dust bag device of a dust remover for cleaning, will be attached to the surface of the filter bag of dust is shaken off. After cleaning can be normal use.
Can be customized according to customer requirements
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