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Grinding machine how much money?

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Polishing machine, abrasive belt machine grinder price price how much money?
In many quiz platform I often see people asking: how much money the number of polishing machine, abrasive belt machine grinding machine is the price, how much money, this kind of ask price problem, every time I see and I will answer them, but I can not speak directly to the price, it is because each a polishing machine, grinding machine, abrasive belt machine has many specifications, models, and power is very small, the price is certainly different voltage directly reported out, from a few hundred to tens of thousands have, so I want to know the exact price, must first determine a good specification, model, voltage can.
Hangzhou West Lake grinding wheel factory is a professional production of surface processing equipment such as polishing machine, water machine, belt machine, polishing machine, dust and other special tools, from product development, design to mechanical product manufacturing and production line to complete the whole plant planning, there are professional engineers and responsible for implementation, and provide customers with the best the customer service and technical consulting service.
Need to understand the price of consulting products, please open the product center to find the product you want to know, and then consult customer service or call advisory!
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