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Product polishing type

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Product polishing type
Grinding and polishing is almost indispensable in each industry, the industry is currently used in various types of polishing products are basically the following:
1, mechanical polishing
2, chemical polishing
3, electrolytic polishing
4, ultrasonic polishing
5, fluid polishing
6, magnetic abrasive polishing
Although more types of polishing but because the geometric accuracy of electrolytic polishing, polishing fluid is very difficult to precisely control the surface quality of the parts, chemical polishing, ultrasonic polishing, grinding and polishing methods such as magnetic and reach requirements, so polishing precision mold mainly to mechanical polishing. Hangzhou West Lake grinding wheel factory specializing in the production of polishing machine, grinding machine, abrasive belt machine polishing device, the polishing equipment is commonly used in mechanical polishing, the polishing equipment mainly has the advantages of high precision, high efficiency grinding and polishing characteristics, convenient operation etc.. Hangzhou West Lake grinder plant which is the main mechanical polishing equipment, please check the product center!
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