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How to deal with the belt is very important

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How to deal with the belt is very important
Is an essential part of abrasive belt machine, so a good belt of the belt machine is very important. How can you make the belt to play a bigger role? It is necessary to give appropriate treatment on the belt. Belt storage is important, but the belt before use if it can not be handled properly will seriously affect the performance of it.
1, hanging belt
The belt before use should be at least 2-5 days of suspension, its purpose is to eliminate curl due to packaging. The packing belt hanging on the belt support 100-200mm diameter pipe or on the special. The length of the pipe should be larger than the width of the belt belt, otherwise easy to fall off or have a bell; tube should be a level, otherwise easy to damage the belt edge. The suspension belt belt should be consistent with the environmental temperature and humidity storage conditions, the simplest way is in a sealed room, with a few lights 40W or 64W bulb to keep dry.
2, appearance inspection
After the suspension belt should do appearance quality inspection necessary before use, inspect the belt joints are flat and firm; abrasive belt surface has no holes, sand group, lack of sand, glue spots, wrinkles; belt edge is neat and no cracks, if the edge of small cracks, cut off after (cut arc) does not affect the use.
3, storage belt
Belt storage for belt use is critical, especially large impact on the wide belt. The ideal storage conditions, reasonable storage methods in order to ensure that the use of belt to the best state.
4, temperature, humidity requirements
The belt should not be stored on the local temperature and humidity changes in the larger, the ideal temperature is 18-220C; ideal humidity: 40-65%, high temperature will make binder aging, reduce the service life of the belt. Synthetic fiber matrix belt (such as polyester cloth belt) is more sensitive to the cold, not cold stored in the warehouse.
The belt will deform the humidity is too high or too low, and the deformation will reduce the bonding strength of glue sand belt. Especially the humidity effect of the belt is quite serious. In addition to water belt, general belt damp after use, are prone to wrinkle phenomenon such as discounts, and make the belt machine scrap. In addition, the damp grinding grinding material easy to adhesion in belt surface, reduce the service life of the belt. Effect of high temperature and low humidity on paper backing is relatively large, so that the paper backing is brittle and easy to break scrap.
After these steps, you will find that the longer service life of the belt, and polished product better.
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