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Abnormal belt machine and processing

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Abnormal belt machine and processing
When using the belt machine sometimes appear grinding product brightness difference, which may be caused by the following problems:
The height of the center of the product is too low (equal to the height of the gasket or cylinder pin pad);
Abrasive belt polishing machine product grinding zone is too short;
The vibration of the grinding wheel is too large (isostatic adjustment)
The poor quality of the machine tool guide (guide wheel dressing good appearance after lubrication, average pore texture,);
The machine oil cutting fluid can or has changed.
Remember when the belt machine is abnormal, the operator should not panic, also can not be ignored, today is simply under the belt machine when the belt machine abnormal questions:
A, when the abrasive belt polishing machine normal processing demand to suspend the program, should be close to 0 slow rate switch.
B, when an emergency occurs, the program should be stopped quickly, if necessary, the use of emergency stop is the red emergency stop button.
C, when the alarm and stop because of abrasive belt polishing machine Taiwan, should first remove the alarm information, and then immediately removed from the safe processing position of spindle. Be sure to clear the alarm and resume processing.
In addition if abnormal belt machines do not know how to deal with, also can directly consult our technical department, we have professional technical staff to solve the trouble, please contact us section view!
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