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How to dress diamond grinding wheel

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How to dress diamond grinding wheel
All grinder whether the new factory or after a period of time, the grinding wheel will not smooth, if not timely repair will not only affect the workpiece polishing effect, but also causes the grinder jitter, which is caused by one of the customers often made grinder vibration problem, so buy and use new grinder grinding wheel grinding machine a period of time after must be trimmed, dressing grinding wheel dressing pen ordinary material usually used diamond dressing pen is often said, the diamond grinder? What are the ways to fix it? How to repair today tell you several diamond wheel dressing coup.
Diamond grinding wheel (1)
According to the size of the diamond particles and its distribution in the pen, the diamond pen is divided into chain, layered and row and powder etc. several. By the use of strong binding force of the alloy as the bond, the use of diamond grinding wheel particles are not easy to fall off, until the end of the need for grinding. It can be seen that the diamond pen is also suitable for dressing diamond grinder.
(2) dressing grinding wheel by rolling method
The diamond wheel is trimmed by the rolling method, and the grinding wheel is driven by the speed of 1~2m/s to drive the rolling wheel (made of metal, hard alloy or abrasive). The pressure of the grinding wheel of diamond grinding wheel is about 3~5MPa, and the abrasive particles on the surface of the diamond grinding wheel are crushed to make the abrasive particles fall off. The grinding wheel dressing by rolling method has better cutting performance and lower cost, but the surface roughness of the workpiece is rough, the rolling wheel is easy to wear, the life is short, and the precision is easy to lose. Therefore, this method is mainly used for small batch, high precision forming grinding.
The hardness uniformity of the grinding wheel is better, otherwise the grinding wheel will produce local distortion.
Thus, whether it is the repair of ordinary material grinding wheel (Zong Gangyu, green silicon carbide, white corundum, etc.), or diamond grinding wheel, grinding wheel dressing pen is a good choice!


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