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Installation steps of belt sander

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Installation steps of belt sander

I bought a belt sander and didn't know how to install it. It's a problem that some novices often encounter. Today, I'll introduce the installation steps.  

1. Pull out the handle of the belt conveyor safely, install the belt on the front and rear wheels, and then put the handle back to the original position.  

Note: when installing the belt, make sure the arrow direction on the back of the belt is consistent with that on the tool.  

2. Adjust the track of sand belt.  

Turn on the tool power switch: during the belt operation, use the adjustment handle to align the belt track with the center. Otherwise, the edge of the belt will be scratched.  

3. Install dust bag (as required)

4. Switch operation.  

To start the tool, just pull the trigger. As soon as the trigger is released, the tool stops rotating. To make continuous rotation, pull the trigger and press down the lock button. Pull the trigger again, and then loosen it again to eliminate continuous rotation.  

Note: before plug-in, it is necessary to check whether the switch operation of the tool is smooth, pull the trigger and then loosen it, and whether the trigger switch of the belt conveyor can spring back to its original position.
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