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Use polishing machine details

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Use polishing machine details

Polishing machine is a tool that uses motor to drive the polishing wheel to produce high-speed rotation and to achieve polishing by friction on the workpiece surface. When polishing, polishing wax can be used for a few seconds along the wheel edge to make polishing wax stick to the wheel.

When operating the cylindrical polishing machine, grasping the operation details can improve the polishing efficiency, but also can improve the polishing efficiency. Here are some operation details for your reference.

1. When the polishing wax is attached to the polishing wheel, do not exert too much force. Let the polishing wheel rotate freely. After polishing, the wax on the polishing wheel can be removed by using soft cloth with talcum powder.

2. Use the workpiece to touch the polishing wheel surface lightly, can remove the sharp angle of the surface, if necessary, can also be coated with polishing wax, but not excessive.

3. If excessive wax is used, special tools can be used for wiping. If the effect is not ideal, wax can be applied again.

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