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Tool grinding

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Tool grinding
One of the uses of Xihu grinding wheel machine is to grind the tool. In the process of cutting metal, the material of the cutting part of the tool is used. Tool wear is caused by high pressure, high temperature and severe friction. The length of tool life and productivity depend on the cutting performance of tool materials. In addition, the machinability of cutting parts of materials also has a great influence on the quality of manufacturing tools and grinding tools. Therefore, tool material G1 must have the following properties:
(1) High hardness. The hardness of the cutting material is higher than that of the workpiece material. At room temperature, the tool is hard.
Degree should be higher than 60 HRC.
(2) High wear resistance usually depends on hardness. The higher the hardness of the material, the better the wear resistance. Wear resistant
The more carbide particles with good properties, the finer the grain and the more uniform the distribution, the better the wear resistance.
(3) Enough strength and toughness. The cutting material of the tool bears various stresses and impacts. In order to prevent tool fragmentation, it is necessary to have sufficient strength and toughness. Usually, the flexural strength and impact toughness of materials are used to express o.
(4) High heat resistance refers to the hardness of the cutting material at room temperature at high temperatures, which can be expressed by thermal hardness or high temperature hardness.
(5) Good technological properties. In order to facilitate manufacturing, the cutting materials of cutting tools should have good properties of forging, welding, heat treatment and grinding.  At the same time, we should try our best to meet the requirements of rich resources and low prices.
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