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Characteristics of grinding wheel machine

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Grinding characteristics of grinding wheel machine
In the process of metal chip cutting, the wearing tool can not continue to be used, and must be grinded by the grinding wheel again. The quality of grinding will directly affect the cutting performance of the tool and the quality of the workpiece being processed. The purpose of grinding is to re-equip the cutting part of the tool with the correct geometric shape and to make the cutting edge have high sharpness and durability.
1 the basic principle of tool sharpening. The following principles should be observed when cutting tools.
(1) understand the geometric angle and technical requirements of the tool and determine the grinding method.
(2) choose suitable sand grinder according to tool geometry, material and processing requirements.
(3) When grinding, the relative position of the cutter and the grinding wheel on the grinding machine should be adjusted accurately to ensure the correct geometry of the cutter.
(4) choose the right amount of grinding according to tool material and processing requirement when grinding, and avoid burn knife.
(5) In the grinding process, the grinding wheel should be pinched properly, the grinding wheel should be repaired too early and wasted, and the grinding wheel should be passivated too late to burn the grinding surface.
(6) dry milling. When wet grinding is used, there must be sufficient cutting and tucking.
The characteristics of 2. edge grinding tools are compared with other grinding tools.
(1) Grinding tool is a ship in the grinding wheel machine, turning tool grinding machine tools, special special tools such as broaches, gear cutters, forming tools in the special grinder grinding machine.
(2) The purpose of sharpening cutters is to make the cutter edge sharp, complete and smooth. Therefore, during the grinding process, the cutter can not be burned and annealed. After grinding, the cutter should be oiled in time and packaged into storage.
(3) In addition to strictly calculating the size of the grinding tool, great attention should be paid to the shape and position of the tool, such as the straightness of the tooth, the radial jump, the axis of the tooth and the handle, etc. to meet the requirements.
(4) In the process of tool grinding, the operator's head is close to the grinding wheel, so the grinder should wear safety protective equipment, especially the protective device, and stand away from the rotating direction of the grinding wheel.
3. types of cutting tools are tools for cutting redundant materials.
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